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2K Gloss
Clear pack


High Solid TOP GLOSS 2K Clear
Application Guide



- 60 ml of clear (High Solid).

- 30 ml of hardener.



This product contains isocyanates. Vapors and spray mists are harmful.

Excessive spraying may cause skin allergy and a respiratory reaction.
This can cause dizziness, headaches or nausea and irritation of the eyes,
skin, nose and throat.


ALWAYS use this product in well a ventilated area and wear the appropriate protections such as gloves and respirator before each use.


Surface preparation:

Make sure the subject is free of any contamination such as dust, greasy stains, etc. before application.



2K means that the two parts are mixed together, when the two components come into contact, a chemical reaction is taking place, so please mix only the necessary amount.

10 to 15 ml are sufficient for a 1/24th scale body.



Apply 2 normal layers observing a flash off time of 5 minutes between the layers.


Maximum application time at 20 ° C:

50 Minutes


Mixing ratio:

2 parts of clear for 1 part of hardener (2:1)



- 10 ml of varnish + 5 ml of hardener in volume.

- 10 g of varnish + 5.2 g of hardener by weight.


Working temperature:

Allow all components to reach room temperature 20°C (68°F) before use.

(It is strongly recommended to warm products to a minimum of 15°C (59°F) before application).


Drying time:

8 hours at 20 ° C