What type of paint is DS Colors ?

DS Color paint is a solvent borne basecoat, pre-thinned for airbrush use only.

Providing excellent coverage, fast drying, metallic control and sprayability when used to duplicate OEM solid, metallic and pearl color effects.


Should I dilute my DS Colors paint ?


It is PROPERLY diluted with high quality thinner for ideal consistency for airbrush application.

Each reference is individually tested to offer a quality product.

Do not try to dilute the paint yourself with another thinner.

Other brands of thinners are not compatible with DS Colors.


Should I use a surface primer ?

YES, absolutely.

DS Colors is a solvent-based product that is intended to be used on a primer.

The primer creates a surface on which the paint can adhere.

Our product has been tested on the main primers dedicated for scale modelling: Tamiya, Alclad, Mr Hobby and Motip.

For best results, ALWAYS use a primer on your models before airbrushing DS Colors paints.


DS Colors basecoats need clear coat ?


DS Colors base colors dry with a matte / satin finish.

It is therefore necessary to apply a varnish to obtain the final glossy finish.


The 50ml range is designed for standard paintjobs : primer -> basecoat -> clearcoat.

The 2x30ml duo pack range is specific for tri-coating paintjobs : primer -> basecoat #1 -> basecoat #2 -> clearcoat


What is tri-coating?

This technique can be achieved only using our 2x30ml duo pack DS Colors range


Tri-coating is the best way to achieve a unique and nice paint job on your model car.


Of course, a primer has to be applied before base coats can be sprayed on.

Never use base coats on bare plastic or resin.


Step 1/ Base coat #1

The first step in a tri-coating paint job is the base coat #1.

Base coats are applied over primer previously applied and dried.

The purpose of the base coat is to achieve the desired color on the car.

Base coats are applied in thin layers.

The base coats should be completely dried before moving on to the next step.


Step 2/ Base coat #2

Visual effects of a tri coating paint job are achieved by the middle coat.

Middle coats are primarily transparent paints which can make the base coat appear metallic, pearlescent, or chameleon. The middle coat is what makes a model’s paint job dynamic and unique.

Without this second layer of paint, the finished painted model car would be much simpler.

Middle coats have to be sprayed on lightly and evenly to avoid applying the coat heavier in some spots.


Final Step/ Top Clear Coat

The final part of tri coating is the clear top coat.

This layer serves as protection for the first two coats of paint.

Clear top coat also adds additional shine and gloss to the final paint job, which highlights the visual appeal of the color and middle coat effects.


How can I clean my airbrush ?

You can clean you airbrush with cellulose thinner or lacquer thinner.

Cotton swabs and small round brushes are very useful to reach and clean small areas.


PLEASE NOTE: Be careful if your airbrush contains rubber seals that may react with cleaning solvents.