You have not found what you were looking for in our current range?
I study any "tailor made" color request.

Contact us by email at : sylvain@dscolors.com
providing the manufacturer's color code and/or pictures for references .

Without at least one of these information I cannot help you.




It depends if the painting can be done in basecoat
or if it turns out that a tri-coat is necessary to obtain your specific colors.


DS Colors is an activity that I run alone, in addition to my main job.

The workshop is not open to the public. It is not possible to pick up your order on site.


Order processing:

allow up to 5 working days after receipt of your payment.


Modification of your order:

since 1/08/19, no more changes will be accepted on orders already paid.

Paypal transaction fees are charged to the customer too


Post office and delivery time:

parcels are dropped 1x per week at the post office. I am not responsible for any possible delays after your parcel is delivered to the post office.